Zea by Hamza Omari

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2017. Table lamp.

Stone, sand, brushed copper/stainless steel/brass.

40 (L) x 58 (W) x 16 (H) cm.

Limited edition series of 15.


A desert aquarium, Zea is a window into a forgotten world, allowing users to engage visually with what was once theirs. Interaction with Zea causes desert sand to slowly ebb back and forth, alternately and progressively exposing or covering a light source filtered through a repurposed mashrabiya. Reminiscent of a bedouin fire in its dynamic shifting luminescence, the interaction between movement, sand and the user directly influences how much light fills the space. In a never-ending dance between light and sand, Zea’s aesthetic continuously shifts. Every interaction engenders a new visual configuration – from the focussed primacy given to each detail of each grain of sand as they alter and accumulate, to a more panoramic perspective on the overall composition.