The SEEDS Series by Nuhayr Zein

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2021. Ottoman.

Leukeather, black-stained oak wood, stainless steel.

62 (L) x 60 (W) x 45 (H) cm

Limited edition of 10


The SEEDS Series represents Tashkeel's commitment to developing innovative, sustainable, contemporary product designs informed by the heritage, identity and natural environment of the United Arab Emirates.

Tracing our disconnection from nature and our current over-reliance on technology, Nuhayr Zein aims to create a balance by fusing machine-made with nature-made, modern with traditional, and present with past in one intricately made piece. This duality is reflected in the careful choice of materials used, where digitally carved oak wood is contrasted by Leukeather, a sustainable plant-based and naturally textured material developed by Nuhayr as an alternative to exotic leather. This piece explores the symbolic value of working with nature rather than against it by sustainably altering two natural materials (dried pods and solid wood) to give them acquired traits only achievable through human intervention.

Ottoman from The SEEDS Series draws inspiration from the familiarity and complexity of trees, resulting in a familiar design, rich with intricate digital and natural textures and patterns. This contrast aims to engage the viewer from a distance. Similar to our experience of trees, The SEEDS Series: Ottoman possesses an imposing character from a distance, exposing meticulous detail once observed at a closer proximity.

While this ottoman can exist independently as a single piece, it can also be paired with another to form a longer bench. In addition, it is designed to be seamlessly repeated to form an Emirati traditional majlis setting.